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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I give Coffee Supreme feedback about my experience?

It's a year-round job to ensure everything from coffee selection, roasting, and delivery is the best we can make it. If you have some feedback about your coffee purchase or online experience, please contact us - we want to know. 

Call us on 0800 472 5188 or email us: If you have a taste complaint we will replace any coffee beans that do not come up to scratch free of charge.

What is fresh coffee?

Our coffee arrives to you between 1-5 days after roasting. Peak flavour of your coffee, if whole beans, lasts for up to 10 days after roasting. This doesn't mean your coffee goes off after 10 days, it's just not quite as flavourful. To store your coffee we suggest you place your coffee in an airtight container and put it in a dry cupboard.

How do I work out how much coffee I need?

Our philosophy is " order less but often". Knowing how much coffee you need depends on the brewing method you use and how much coffee you consume each day. A good idea is to assess how much coffee you drink per day and order no more than 10 days worth so the coffee stays fresh. Our coffee arrives to you between 1-5 days after roasting.

For Plungers & Filter Equipment
The SCAA's Golden Ratio is a help tool to work out how much coffee you need. Adjust the following ratios of coffee-to-water to suit your taste and brewing device:
15g ~ 250ml
30g ~ 500ml
60g ~ 1litre 

For Espresso
Depending on the make and model, espresso machines commonly use between 15-20grams per double shot.

Whole beans or pre-ground coffee?

Grinding your own coffee as you need it produces an infinitely better coffee experience. We encourage you to invest in a quality coffee grinder if you haven't already. That being said, if you need your coffee pre-ground we are happy to do that. It’s worthwhile noting that we use a generic grind setting for each brewing style that is designed to suit most people. There is always an exception where our designated setting will not match your requirements. This is one of the limitations of pre-grinding coffee. If you're having trouble with the grind of your coffee, please get in touch 0800 472 5188.

What information do we collect?

We do not collect personal or business information on visitors unless it is voluntarily provided. As such we will not sell, trade, rent, or give individually identifying information to third parties. We use the personal information collected from you in the order process to help us deliver your order, to contact you about your order if we have questions, and to improve our site to serve you better. When you enter your credit card information using our site your information is stored by DPS Payment Express Service. You can learn more about DPS here.

How will Coffee Supreme use my information?

Every order you place will generate an e-mail confirmation. You will then receive a final email confirming the dispatch of your coffee order. We will get in touch with you (via phone or email) if we anticipate any delays with your order or if we are unexpectedly out of stock of a particular item. 

We also periodically send out an email newsletter. If you would like to receive our newsletter please "opt in" to our mailing list by completing the sign-up box located on the bottom of the homepage.

What payments do you accept?

We accept payment via credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express), and via Paypal (with the option to save your payment information).

All transactions are in New Zealand dollars (NZD).

All personal information, address, email, credit card and must be filled out correctly to ensure we can send your purchase expediently.

What's your refunds & cancellations policy?

If you’ve made a mistake with your order, please let us know as fast as humanly possible. We often ship the same day an order is received so once an order has been shipped we are past the point of no return and are unable to cancel your order.

To cancel an order phone and/ or email us as soon as possible (details below).

Cancelled orders will be refunded in full. This means whatever we charged you; we’ll reverse payment to you using the same means of payment.

If you ever have any questions about your order we'd love to hear from you:

0800 472 5188 (New Zealand only)

+64 4 472 5188 (International)