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Porlex Mini Hand Grinder

An elegant hand mill that will suit the office-bound and traveler alike.

With a minimalism and elegance that would warm Dieter Rams’ heart, this hand mill is the office-bound and traveler’s perfect companion.

Sporting a capacity of up to 25 grams of coffee, the Porlex will sit beautifully alongside a range of brewing equipment including Gold Filter, Aeropress (can fit inside for compact travel storage), V60 or 3cup Chemex. And with a 15cm handle, there’s just the right amount of leverage to make grinding is a pleasure not a chore.

The grinding setting is adjusted with a wingnut located underneath the burrs. Turning it to the right will create finer grinds, to the left coarser. Experiment to learn what settings are best for your brewing device.

Other features include a stainless-steel body and handle, rubber grip with handle holster to keep parts together when travelling, and ceramic burrs that can be easily cleaned with water (though make sure burrs are thoroughly dry before using).